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8 January 2014


Types of fertilizer, differences between single-disc and double-disc fertilizers

I am going to buy a new fertilizer drill and I have doubts between buying a simple disc model, like the one I have, or one of double disc. Those of double disc are more expensive, but I would like to know if it would compensate the investment by the improvement in the distribution of the fertilizer. 

The fertilizer drills by projection use granulated fertilizer and the projection width of is conditioned to the granulometry of the fertilizer. In the case of a simple disc fertilizer drill it is difficult to obtain a symmetrical distribution in relation to the line of the tractor, and the width work usually does not surpass the 14-16 ms, having in mind that overlapping between last contiguous is needed. The effective width of work is approximately half of the width of projection, and in addition it is good to work in round, better than in roundtrip routes, on the parcel to obtain a better uniformity.

On the contrary, in the fertilizer drills of double plate the effective work width may surpass the 24 ms, whenever the granulometry of the fertilizer is suitable. The projection of the fertilizer from each plate is compensated, with which a good distribution uniformity can be obtained counting on the overlapping in successive passes, even working in roundtrip routes.

In summary, you obtain greater ability to work, and less compaction of the soil, because the passes in the field are more distant, but it is necessary to evaluate the greater investment taking in consideration the annual surface on which you are going to work. To calculate the operation costs, the information of the “Platform of the Knowledge” of the MARM can be used, in which spreadsheets are included to analyze those corresponding to different agricultural machines.


Whatever purchase decision you take, first value the brand of the machine, it has to come with a Operator Manual that helps you to calibrate it based on the type of fertilizer, and also take into account the professionalism of the salesman who teaches the buyer to tune it up to obtain a good distribution with the different types from fertilizers used in the region.

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