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27 February 2014


Agricultural equipment that can substitute mouldboard ploughing

Dear Sirs, I would like to ask you the best option for complementing/replacing the use of the mouldboard plough as primary tillage in the following conditions:

1. Almost flat terrain located in the north of the La Coruña province. It is heavy terrain with high clay content and medium/high rainfall. 2. There are meadows with a very high degree of compaction and worked land, corn and sugar beet, rapeseed mainly for rotation, with a medium or low compaction. 3. The secondary tillage is done with harrow discs. 4. Equipment: 65cv tractor.

Looking for:

1. A curved subsoiler. 2- To reduce tillage. 3. To reuse the 50mm square tube frame of the current cultivator to install the necessary tines and grilles. Currently harrow discs are used as the only tillage before seeding the rapeseed and for spreading compost on the soil, with very good results.

I look forward to your reply,. 

Sincerely, Abel Fdez.

The best option for decompacting the ground in the conditions you indicate is using a curved subsoiler with oblique tines, which is an instrument designed specifically for decompacting meadows, and that is used in some soils on which continuous direct seeding is carried out.

The oblique tines can be inserted on the frame that you have (50 mm square tubing) on two lines in opposite directions, as shown in the figure, although it is advisable to reinforce the tie points on the frame of each tine to give it greater resistance.

Although six tines are shown in the picture, given the power of the available tractor, we recommend only using 4 tines spaced about 40 cm apart (the two central tines would be 80 cm apart, inclining towards the centre of the implement).

There are companies that offer the complete curved subsoiler, however, if you want to take advantage of the cultivator frame, the oblique tines, Ref. 15010-A, offered by Bellota can be used, complemented with ancillary elements for a maximum work depth of 25 to 35 cm. We do not recommend working any deeper with a 65 CV tractor.

For this curved subsoiler to work well, it has to be used on crumbly soil (neither too dry nor too moist), so that the ground bursts and decompacts without leaving an uneven surface. It does not have to be used every year, but only when the soil appears compacted. It is best to cross the passes in subsequent operations. This could be done with harrow discs. We are at your disposal for any further clarification you may need.

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