19 February 2012

Bellota Agrisolutions with the rural sector

Bellota Agrisolutions donates 155 cows for to provide resources in India.

In 2008, Bellota Agrisolutions, coinciding with the Bellota Forum on rural development, donated over €32,000 to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation for a project to create resources with livestock activities. The contribution of Bellota and some of its clients who attended the Forum enabled the execution of the projected based on the acquisition of 155 cows for distribution to an equal number of women in the Kadiri region so that the beneficiaries could produce milk. 

The milk serves to improve the nutritional situation of the beneficiary families, as part of the milk is used for the family's consumption, while at the same time improving the social situation of the women beneficiaries as they can obtain extra income by selling the surplus. When the women begin making a profit, they have the obligation to pay back 75% of the value of the cow, and this money will be destined to other projects of the Fund for the Development of Women of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

We recently received the final report of the project, indicating that the beneficiaries and their families have already received training, all of the cows have been distributed, and the project is bearing its first fruits.

Likewise, in 2011 Bellota Agrisolutions donated another €9,000 for the creation of a school in the village of Inagalur, District of Anantapur. With activities such as these, Bellota Agrisolutions intends to solidify its commitment to rural development.