3 February 2014

INTOP, wins prize for best technical innovation at the FIMA Fair 

 INTOP technological innovation award

The new INTOP plough share has been awarded a prize by the Zaragoza Fair as technological innovation. In these shares the tungsten carbide is inside the part, embedded in its base material. That means that the tungsten carbide is protected from the impact of rocks and other obstacles, giving it a longer service life. This patented product is a new worldwide innovation, as tungsten carbide has always been placed on the surface of parts up to now, but not actually inside it.

In addition to this, Bellota has launched a range of discs with the longest breakage-free service life on the market, which it has given it the name of inPHInium. The product's perfect balance between hardness and toughness, the harmony between how well it wears, its elasticity and resistance to breakage together with our perfected skills in steels and in the production process has resulted in the best disc on the market. The product will be a step up from the range already available from Bellota, which has a presence in more than 70 countries all over the world.

Bellota is establishing itself as the most comprehensive provider of components for soil preparation and sowing in the world, and is already a benchmark for innovation and quality in its sector. From its plant in Legazpi, Spain, where it employs more than 400 people, it manufactures about 6 million parts per year, which are then sold all over the world.

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