6 May 2014

Telling the world why agriculture is your way of life can win you a prize

New campaign on social networks in which each participant explains the importance of agriculture.

Bellota Agrisolutions has launched its new campaign on social networks, encouraging everyone to record a video and to tell the world why agriculture is so important in their life.

Coinciding with the feast of the Spanish patron saint of farmers, Saint Isidoro, in May, this is Bellota's third campaign of this type, with the number of people taking part and the value of the prices increasing every year.

“We would like to inform people, whether or not they are directly involved in  agriculture or not, about the important work that our farmers do, producing quality food and looking after our environment and ecosystems” says Eduardo Urrestarazu, Sales and Marketing Director of Bellota Agrisolutions. “This campaign is the best way for us at Bellota to say "thank you" to our farmers for their work and the contribution they make, with all the uncertainty and difficulties that it involves, but which they nevertheless get on with every day with passion and professionalism” adds Eduardo.

The promotion will run until 31 May, and you can take part by uploading your video to the following URL:

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