Complete range for all type of tillage

Cultivator points

Integral heat treatment, guarantee of long life

•Boron steel.

•Hardness: 50 ± 2 HRc.

•Integral hardening to avoid deformations and rupture.

•Product uniformity guaranted by strict controls on quality and the production process.

The cultivator points work parallel to the ground, cutting the roots and raising the plants, working to pull without upsetting the soil’s contour. The thin, long cultivator points cultivate by breaking the hardened soil and crushing clods.

Ref. CGrs.ABD B D
D Articles manufactured upon order


Tines sweeps 15053 of Bellota Agrioslutions


Tines sweeps 15053 of Bellota Agrioslutions
Ref. CGrs.ACD B EM D
15070 CA 37583450375571401001199AM12100
15070 CA 40583900405571401001199AM12100
D Articles manufactured upon order

Fits in tine up to 29 mm wide.


Danish tine sweep 15070 Bellota Agrisolutions


Ref. R CGrs.ACD EM B D
15077 CA 270 E666º61300270451001199OM10250100
15077 CA 310 E666º61400310451001199OM10250100
D Articles manufactured upon order

15077 CA

Ref. R CGrs.ACD B EM D
15069 H12 CA E843º8340012"-305mm571201501199AM12100
15069 I14 CA E843º8370014"-355mm571201501199AM12100
15069 J16 CA E843º8400016"-405 mm571201501199AM12100
15069 K18 CA E843º8425018"-460mm571201201199AM12100
D Articles manufactured upon order

Fits in tine up to 55mm wide


Danish tine sweep 15069-K18 Bellota Agrisolutions


 15027 (N) CONCORDE
Ref.O. Ref. R CGrs.ABCD B EM D
15027-A447º69004"7"1 3/4"33/16"5801199A7/16"100
15027-B647C6BK747º611206"7"1 3/4"33/16"4501199A7/16"100
15027-C747C7BK747º612607"7"1 3/4"33/16"4001199A7/16"100
15027-D847C8BK747º613408"7"1 3/4"33/16"3901199A7/16"100
15027-E947C9BK747º614309"7"1 3/4"33/16"3001199A7/16"100
15027-F1047C10BK747º6150010"7"1 3/4"33/16"3001199A7/16"100
15027-G1147C11BK747º6160011"7"1 3/4"33/16"3001199A7/16"100
15027-H1247C12BK747º6175012"7"1 3/4"33/16"3001199A7/16"100
15027-A4 CA147º690010218745855801199AM11100
15027-B6 CA147º6112015218745854501199AM11100
15027-C7 CA147º6126018018745854201199AM11100
15027-D8 CA147º6134020318745853901199AM11100
15027-E9 CA147º6143022818745853751199AM11100
15027 CA1 23547º6125023545853001199AM11100
15027-F10 CA147º6150025418745853601199AM11100
15027-G11 CA147º6160028018745853301199AM11100
15027-H12 CA147º6175030518745853001199AM11100
15027-I14 CA147º6180018745852501199AM11100
D Articles manufactured upon order

Fits in tine up to 47mm wide.


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027-A4 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027-B6 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027-C7 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027-D8 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027-E9 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027-F10 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027-G11 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15027 Concorde of Bellota Agrisolutions
Fits in tine Chisel 15028 (N) PELICAN
Ref.O. Ref. R CGrs.ABCD B EM D
15028-6-B647UW6B747º611506"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"4501199A7/16"100
15028-6-C747UW7B747º612707"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3751199A7/16"100
15028-6-D847UW8B747º613758"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3501199A7/16"100
15028-6-E947UW9B747º614809"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3001199A7/16"100
15028-6-F1047UW10B747º6158510"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"2501199A7/16"100
15028-6-G1147UW11B747º6171011"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3001199A7/16"100
15028-6-H1247UW12B747º6181012"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3001199A7/16"100
15028-B647º815006"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"4501199A7/16"100
15028-C747º816507"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3751199A7/16"100
15028-D847º818008"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3501199A7/16"100
15028-E947UW9F747º819009"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3001199A7/16"100
15028-F1047UW10F747º8200010"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"2501199A7/16"100
15028-G1147UW11F747º8205011"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3001199A7/16"100
15028-H1247UW12F747º8212012"9"1 3/4"3-2/3"3001199A7/16"100
15028-I1447º8240014"1 3/4"3-2/3"2501199A7/16"100
D Articles manufactured upon order


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028-B6 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028-C7 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028-D8 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028-E9 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028-F10 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028-G11 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028-H12 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions


Nichols field cultivator sweeps 15028 Pelican of Bellota Agrisolutions
Tables of reference

1502315023 CP C1 DURATOP15097155115491549 CN CP DURATOP1550-A15351535 CN15371537 CN15381576157815791572157115091157715106 AP CP15055 B80 CP 2A1 3P150341553154715111503615931512 CN1512-A C2N CP DURATOP15131513 CN1513-A C2N CP DURATOP157415074150541504615049 CN15067 CN1429 LISTER POINT156115079 (N) FURROWER 15"1505015051150521505315070150771506915027 (N) CONCORDE15028 (N) PELICAN15028 CA1 PELICAN15048 (N)15043 (N)15029 (N)15041 (B)15042 (B)1509615001506150715091510157315011582158115841585150021500315005

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