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With five production plants, 2 in Spain, and one each in the United States, India and Brazil, Bellota Agrisolutions is a benchmark for the most important manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery on the five continents. The company employs approximately 500 people all over the world, and is specialized in developing new ideas made-to-measure for every separate market, for every customer and every agricultural tool. With more than 106 years of experience in manufacturing spare parts for agricultural ploughing and tilling machinery as well as seed drills and sugar cane harvesters, it provides the widest range of products on the market for the sector. Its range of products includes spare parts for such agricultural machinery as seed drills, disc harrows, cultivators, chisels, ploughs, soil decompactors and others.
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  1. 5 March 2015

    The SIMA show is one of the best in Europe for all types of agricultural implements, including tractors. This year, the influx of people has been slightly lower than the previous edition, but the exhibiting brands have deployed large numbers of news and the atmosphere despite the crisis is optimistic.

    News in SIMA 2015 show of agricultural implements
  2. 17 February 2015

    Thanks to finances provided by Bellota Agrisolutions, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation was able to build a dam for the collection, storage and distribution of water from which 48 families in the village of Polepalli are now benefiting.

    Fundacion Vicente Ferrer, built a dam with the economical help of Bellota Agrisolutions

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  • Disc seed drills are more suitable for stonier soils than coulter seed drills

    Are coulter seed drills suitable for stony soils? 

  • Agricultural tools for doing light soil work before using cereal seed drills

    I would like to install a soil preparer attachment in front of my cereal seed drill so I can do two jobs at the same time: my question is what cultivator frame and coulter do you recommend? I only want to do a very light job and would like to eliminate my tractor tracks. Thanks in advance.