5 November 2018

New tines for new times

Bellota will have different new products on display at EIMA (Bologna, Italy), including new designs and sizes of tines.

The most powerful tractors need agricultural machinery with bigger, stronger parts that adapt better to the new ways of working the land. New models for big cultivators have been added to the Bellota range of products, such as the Danish S-tines with 80x12 and 100x14 profiles.

Bellota’s heavy investment in the line of cultivator tines is getting good results and new steel references plus special treatment to make them even stronger are being added to the more extensive range of models.

Moreover, these new tines need stronger and sturdier cultivators, such as the Bellota Ultrapoint range, designed with the two sides reinforced so that the point of the cultivator is the strongest ever and has the longest service life on the market.

Another one of the new trends are the speed harrows to work at a velocity of between 10 and 12 Km/h.  For these speed harrows, a new shock absorbing tine or bracket has been designed to turn the soil properly.

Bellota will be at EIMA, Bologna from the 7th to the 11th of November in the pavilion 20, D10, at the Agrisolutions stand, together with other brands of the group, such as Solbjerg and Ingersoll.