AKER disc blade

Excellent soil preparation.

The new AKER disc blade from Bellota is a specially-designed disc for ploughing the soil and preparing the seed bed, with excellent stubble cutting capability in all soil types.

The Bellota disc blade is designed with eighteen tangential waves that produce excellent cutting capability with minimum vertical force. The number of waves and their height ensure that the ploughed strip of soil is greater than with other disc blades and consequently, the effective seeding depth is enhanced. This effect also encourages new roots to grow because they accelerate the mineralisation process of organic material around the seed. 

This disc blade, provides very good penetration even with severe ground conditions and is also suitable for operating with high seeding rates. 

Bellota provides a wide range of diameters: 

All AKER disc blade models are designed with eighteen waves for improved furrows and the central plate is 220 mm. 

The AKER disc blade is available in the various hole-configurations for seeding hubs.

  1928 18 WAVES AKER
Ref. ø " ø mm CGrs. BNº wavesOFlat Centre D
192815"381 mm43380501814,5220 mm32
192816"404 mm32640501813,5220 mm16
192816"404 mm44000501814,5220 mm16
192816"404 mm54780501815,5220 mm16
192817"431 mm44250501814,5220 mm16
192817"431 mm4,54790501815220 mm16
192817"431 mm55350501815,5220 mm16
192818"455 mm44680501814,5220 mm16
192818"455 mm55840501815,5220 mm16
192820"506 mm57430501815,5220 mm16
192822"580 mm59820501815,5220 mm16
D Articles manufactured upon order

Good penetration and cut with high residues. Aggressive tilling action. Suitable for working at high speed.

1928 AKER

Disc blades 1928 AKER 18 waves for planters


Disk blade 1928 AKER with 18 waves for planters

1928 AKER

Disc blade 1928 AKER with 18 waves for planters

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