4 March 2016

Best supplier to JUMIL during 2015

Jumil farm equipment manufacturer

Jumil is a Brazilian agricultural machinery manufacturer that is acknowledged in the sector for the innovation of its machinery that adapts to all types of terrain and soil tillage. With over seventy years in the sector, today it exports to more than 36 countries with a wide product range that covers from fertiliser distributors and seeders, to harvesters. Jumil was the first Brazilian company to present a pneumatic seeding system in 1992, which is a significant fact because it was the birth of today’s precision agriculture. During 2015, Jumil invested in a new manufacturing plant with a smart assembly line that enables several types of machines to be assembled simultaneously.

Bellota Brasil manufactures seeding discs for Jumil direct seeding machines, with an especially aggressive edge for cutting the residue and correctly burying it in the soil. Since the beginning of disc production in Brazil five years ago, Bellota has become known as a quality reference among the country’s seeder manufacturers. Bellota also produces a wide range of blades for sugar cane harvesters in Brazil. During 2015, Bellota Agrisolutions was also presented with the Visão Agro award for the best blade.