30 August 2017

Bicycle Project in the little villages of Kalyandurg

Bicycle Project 2017

Once again this year we have been working with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to improve the living conditions in rural parts of India. This year we have been involved in a project that so far has given 84 bicycles to secondary school students in the area of Kundurpi.

The current schooling of boys in India is critical, seeing as many of them stop studying at a very early age. But the education of girls is even worse, thousands of girls stop studying after primary school for different reasons such as having to help the family with the domestic chores, having to start work in order to bring money into the home, early marriages, and above all because education in India is basically a priority for men, not for women.

It is essential for us that these boys and girls can continue with their studies so that they can then go on to higher education programmes and therefore have a future full of opportunity. Bicycle Project focuses on children aged between 11 and 16 and it is aimed at reducing the dropout rate of those who don’t have a means of transport to go to a secondary school that is far from their villages. The lucky boys and girls now have a bicycle that they can use to go to secondary school and continue studying.

Since 2007 the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has given out 16,000 bicycles, which has helped decrease the female school dropout rate from 40% to 4%. What is more, the best achievement for these youngsters is the time they gain thanks to making the journey back and forth to school quicker, the time saved can now be used to do their homework, play or help with the housework.

At Bellota Agrisolutions we hope we can carry on helping these boys and girls to give them everything possible to make it easier to go to school and by doing so, improve their living conditions.